Our online service is in Beta

What do we mean?

This is just a fancy word to say that we at Carvault are still looking for bugs, errors and imperfections before we launch a fully integrated online service. This test phase enables us to see what works and what doesn’t, what our customers want, what functionalities could be added – and what is just not that useful. It is also helping us iron out operational difficulties we may encounter in launching a disruptive online automotive platform. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes at Carvault and we hope to bring an improved product to you shortly – in the meantime we would like to let you know that this service isn’t perfect, and we hope you will forgive us if you come across a bump in the road (pardon the pun). 

If you do, we will thank you for it as it will help us improve! 

Can I help?

Most certainly! Should you have an feedback or suggestions, feel free to send us a note on hello@carvault.io or to click on the blue ‘Feedback’ button on the right hand side of the Carvault website – this will take you to a quick and easy form where you can leave us any feedback to help us improve. We thank you kindly for anything you might want to say!

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